Monday, 6 September 2010

Pokemon hacking

Okay so here's something which I think is amazing...
Pokemon was and still is my favourite GBA game and has been ever since I started playing Pokemon Gold. Pokemon hacking; something I found out about a couple of weeks ago took Pokemon to a whole new level.  I thought it was so cool that I had to share it with you guys...

Okay so basic things:
- You can hack a lot of pokemon games (I think) but Fire Red is by far the easiest to hack and most of the hacking tools are made for Fire Red
- You can alter almost any aspect of the game you are editing, even create a whole new game if you waned
- It will get some getting used to as there are alot of tools

Because I am still getting to grips with a few of the tools, I will give you the links to the most helpful videos I have found which will give you step by step tutorials and take you through each tool thoroughly (they will also give you links to download all of the tools required)

This is the link to part one of I think about 16 or 17 tutorials:

I think all of this guy's vids are to do with scripting (I may be wrong) so I would start with the video above and once you get on to scripting check out this guy's vids:

I am in the middle of editing Fire Red so when it is finished I will find a way to upload it so you guys can download it tell me what you think of it :)

This will take time and patience so if you have a short attention span, I wouldn't bother with this...

Will post again soon guys :)


  1. wow man your blog is a real trip but i like all the info ty!!!!

  2. awesome post and love the crazy colour scheme of your blog :P


  3. Ohoh :o gotta try to hack my red

  4. Wow this is actually a really nice blog. I might even bookmark this shit, like srsly.

  5. I used to love playing old pokemon on the gameboy colors, using the link cable to battle your friends in school.

  6. Pokemon's awesome, but the colours on your blog made my brain explode

  7. I love the idea of being able to go back and mod our old favorite console games, keep up the awesome.

  8. Great post, here for daily support.