Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Half Life 1

Do you want to play Half Life 1?
I can imagine that a majority of you have played Half Life 2. It is a very popular game. But everyone I know who has played HL2 has never played HL1. So I thought I'd show you guys how to play it. Nothin like a 1998 classic which led to one of the highest selling games of our time, HL2.

So basically... First you have to download the game from this link:

I'm gonna be honest I know fuck all about torrents so I don't know if you have to download Vuze first. If the download doesn't work again, download Vuze from this link:
And try downloading the game again...

Okay so after downloading it you will notice that the game isn't an exe file, it's an mdf file. To play the game you have download a program called Magic Iso. This tricks your system in to thinking the game is in your disc drive (this is called a virtual disk). Here's the link for Magic Iso:

After downloading Magic Iso, install it and open it up. Click "Try It!" and you will be directed to a different screen. What you must do is click Open > then the .mdf file, then click Tools > Virtual CD/ DVD ROM > Install Virtual CD (or whatever it's called). After clicking on it you should of been directed to your web browser with the web page that allows you to download the Virtual CD programme you need. Download it and install it then go back to Magic Iso. Now go back to Tools > Virtual CD/DVD ROM > Set number of drives. Make sure it is ONE. Then go to F: No media > Mount and select the .mdf file. There you go. Straight after it should come up with auto-play and from there you can install it or if that doesn't happen, go to My Computer and go on it from there. Just install it and your ready to play!

Have fun guys! Look out for my next post!
See ya!


  1. Oh man...I can't believe I never played HL1, but thanks for the quick tut. Now if only I didn't DL at 20kbs haha...I'll let you know how it is in a month or so

  2. Half life 1 was amazing back in its day. Still a great game even now.

  3. Whoa I like this post!
    I followed you and will check back again. Please support my blog as well.
    I always return my comments :)

  4. I loved HL1...

  5. i havent played half life 1 in a long long time

  6. It's been a while since I've played that game. I think I'll "purchase" it later today. Showing my support.

  7. showing some love!
    keep up the good work