Monday, 30 August 2010


Okay, so, before I begin to post anything about anything I would like to tell you about me as a gamer and what you can expect from my future posts.

Right. First off, I love the Playstation. I always have and always will. I remember getting my first Playstation One when I was younger back and have since stayed with Sony as my main gaming console right up until the PS3. In my opinion the PS3 is the superior console of it's generation (competing against the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii). The reasons I believe this console is better are not completely personal. Many reasons this console is better is down to hard facts. For example I will compare the Xbox 360 and PS3 (as this seems to be the biggest issue between fanboys/girls) and show you why exactly the PS3 is by far the best console. These will be only a few examples (if you want it in detail I suggest you visit

- 3 cells in the engine running
at 3.2GHz each
- DVD discs are used which can
hold 8.5gb of memory per disc
- Xbox Live costs
- Sounds like a chainsaw
- After release 33% of consoles
were sent back to manufactures
to be repaired after getting the
- Not as many exclusive games
- Small range of games (most
are shooters)

Playstation 3:
- 8 cells in the engine running at
3.2GHz each
- Blu-ray discs are used which can
hold 50gb memory per disc
- PSN is free
   - Playstation Plus
- After release only 0.5% of consoles
were returned to manufactures to be
repaired after getting the yellow light
of peril
- Many exclusive games
- Large range of games

      These examples could include the new Xbox model Xbox Super Eilte and Kinect or Playstation Eye camera and Playstation Move.

Well I guess from here on out I won't be as bias towards certain consoles while posting on my blog. I will soon be posting a more detailed description of each console so if you are a new gamer you can decide which console best suits you.

By the way if you do agree with me that PS3 is the better console and you own LittleBigPlanet, check out my Xbox360 vs PS3 level :) my PSN name is yojkyo and anyone feel free to add me :)

Sorry that was my final PS3 rant ;) I'll work on the more detailed descriptions of the three consoles in the next few days but for now c yaa :)


  1. oh and before you lot start on me for sayin rant i ment rant about it in a good way :)

  2. Nice Blog , i love ps3.

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  3. eye cancer on your blog because of the colours -.-' ^^
    reply why you like PS3 on my blog

  4. haha i kinda agree with u on this.

  5. Hey man..nice blog..check out my might like it.

  6. thanks guys :) specially cause im new to this. and im sorry for your eye cancer :/

  7. I dislike most new consoles. I stick with the N64 ... LOL! Nah I just find all the new ones too hard to use >.<.

    I stick with the computer and old classics. XD

  8. PC Gaming FTW

    That's all I gotta say...